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At High Tech we represent a great selection energy-saving, smart lighting products, cloud-based control systems, Wi-Fi mesh networking systems and more.

We offer personal assistance with specifying energy-saving fixtures, lamps and retrofit lighting for offices, schools, health care environments, nursing homes, retail stores, parking facilities and more. Call us for a free consultation with one of our experts.

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High Tech Products for the Energy Market

Networked Lighting Systems

Cloud Based Lighting Controls Sensors, dimmers, switches, and software-defined lighting offer complete control of all fixtures, individually and in groups. Maximize vacancy savings, safety and comfort levels 24 hours a day. Collect real-time data on occupancy, light levels and more. All wirelessly, over self-generated Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi Mesh Network Wi-Fi antennas embedded in the lighting-control nodes provide secure, self-healing Wi-Fi mesh networks anywhere there are lights. Provide encrypted Wi-Fi networks to all Wi-Fi-enabled devices, creating a platform for wireless communication for all USB and Ethernet-enabled devices such as cameras, sensors, switches, SD cards and more. Reduce or eliminate miles of cabling, wiring, traditional access points and other redundant technologies.

Sensors and Switches Self-powered, wireless sensors, switches and controls. Reduce or eliminate control wiring during retrofit and remodeling projects.


Lighting Products

Replacement Lamps LED replacements of standard incandescent, halogen, HID and fluorescent lamps.  Good for commercial and residential properties. 

Retrofit Products
Avoid fixture replacements with LED retrofit kits.  Product, labor and disposal costs are much lower than replacing whole fixtures, and 7-10 year lifespans are typical. Massively detrimental environmental impacts are avoided by reusing existing lenses and metal housings.

Replacement Luminaires Sometimes replacement lamps and retrofits are not applicable and new LED fixtures are required.

Stairways  -  Parking Garages   -  Warehouses  -  Offices  -  Retail Centers  -  Hotel Rooms and Corridors  -  Transportation Stations  -  Apartment Complexes  -  Conference Centers  -  Schools  Parks Exhibition Halls  -  Hospitals




We also carry a wide range of architectural lighting products.
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